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Join Israel's premier rehabilitation center, and embark on a growth and development journey

Helmsley Rehabilitation Center will be opened in the summer of 2024 as a part of Tzafon medical center in Poriya.

The vision behind the Helmsley Rehabilitation Center

A National
Strategic Leap

The Helmsley Rehabilitation Center will be a transformative force for northern residents and their children, who require rehabilitation due to birth complications, injuries, or illnesses. Patients will be able to stay connected to their homes while receiving essential care through specialized services, improving their well-being and reducing morbidity and mortality rates in the region. Access to healthcare, medical, and rehabilitation services will advance the healthcare landscape throughout the north.

An Educational,
Research and Innovation Leap

The Helmsley Rehabilitation Center is set to become a trailblazing research and innovation hub in rehabilitation practice, partnering with the Azriel Faculty of Medicine, Bar Ilan University. It will take on a pivotal role as a premier teaching and training center for various health professions specializing in rehabilitation, addressing the shortage of rehabilitation professionals, especially in the geriatric and pediatric fields. Aspiring individuals from across the country will be drawn to this center, while local and international rehabilitation medicine experts will have an opportunity to study, specialize, and participate in conferences. The center’s initiatives will advance rehabilitation practices, enriching healthcare in the region and benefiting countless patients.

A Regional
Prosperity Leap

The Helmsley Rehabilitation Center is poised to usher in an era of social and economic prosperity in the region. Beyond offering essential rehabilitation services, the center will create numerous employment opportunities for the residents of the north,  becoming a beacon for skilled professionals such as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, psychologists, and others. The center’s presence will boost the employment rate and fortify the northern region’s medical, economic, and social fabric.

The Departments

The Helmsley Rehabilitation Center will operate a unique collaborative therapeutic model, catering to all aspects of patient recovery. This innovative approach will ensure that comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services are seamlessly provided within the patient’s ward, eliminating the need to navigate between different facilities. From acute injury to community reintegration, the center will foster interdisciplinary work, catering to patients of all ages and functional needs. It will be housed within the medical center, boasting state-of-the-art laboratories, exceptional surgery departments, and cutting-edge imaging services. Additionally, a comprehensive range of urgent, ambulatory, and medical services will be readily available, including intensive care and MRI facilities. With advanced technology and professional staff, the center will comprise  162 inpatient beds and 18-day hospitalization beds across various specialized departments, including neurological, orthopedic, geriatric, pediatric, heart, and lung rehabilitation. Each department will feature advanced rehabilitation equipment tailored to individual patient needs, spacious hospitalization rooms, and diverse treatment spaces, promoting functional, high-quality, and meaningful routines. The rehabilitation center will incorporate a secure, protected section, ensuring the rehabilitation process remains uninterrupted even during emergencies. This safeguarded area will guarantee patients’ continuous care and well-being, providing a sense of security and reassurance for patients and their families throughout their recovery journey.

In addition, the center will offer a diverse range of open-air rehabilitation facilities, fostering exercise and play for the well-being of patients and their guests. Comfortable and inviting waiting areas and hospitable spaces will be provided. The center will feature green lawns, benches, and walking paths, creating a serene and rejuvenating atmosphere for all, offering a holistic healing experience for patients and their loved ones.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Day Care Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Lung Rehabilitation

Professional Opportunities 

Experience an innovative and forward-thinking work environment.
Expand your professional horizon.
Drive research and innovation.
Be part of a significant change process in the field of rehabilitation medicine.
Engage in multidisciplinary teamwork
Embrace a work culture of excellence alongside a family atmosphere


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Research and Innovation

The Research Institute of Poriya, inaugurated in February 2015, stands as the pioneering research institute affiliated with the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine. It plays a crucial role in supporting a spectrum of exceptional medical services, bridging the gap between patient care and cutting-edge research.

Comprising five specialized laboratories, the institute focuses on translational research, particularly on prevalent health concerns in the North, such as heart disease, diabetes, stem cells, infectious diseases, the immune system, and the Covid-19 laboratory. 

The dedicated team, including students, researchers, and doctors, collaborates closely with the medical center departments and research laboratories within the Faculty of Medicine complex. By basing their research on clinical observations and addressing the unique health challenges of the Galilee population, the institute contributes significantly to improving healthcare outcomes. 

Beyond research, the institute serves as a vital hub for recruiting top talent, generating employment opportunities, and fostering a seamless connection between clinical practice and biomedical research in the Galilee. 

The innovation center further complements these efforts by promoting intra-organizational entrepreneurship and fostering collaborations with high-tech companies and startups. Through initiatives like the science accelerator program and medical startup competitions, the center fuels innovative inventions and ideas, propelling the implementation of pioneering healthcare solutions despite the initial challenges of funding feasibility tests for entrepreneurial concepts.